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Strip down to your skivvies…

Call up 1000 of your closest friends…

Crank up the DJ…


Get ready to party WET! Our Foam is making waves across the United States. Imagine dancing to some of the country’s best disc jockeys in a 1000 gallons of suds. Imported from some of the hottest clubs in Ibiza, Spain and Cancun, Mexico, we bring the excitement of FOAM to the USA. If you haven’t experienced a foam party, it’s quite a unique recipe. First make a pit! From 15’ x 15’ x 4’ to 100′ x 100′. Take an industrial strength water pump and attach it to a jet fan and a 120 gallon holding drum. Place the jet fan on a ten foot truss rig and the holding drum on a 4’x4’ stand. Combine 5 gallons of custom Foam (note substitutions may result in inferior product) with 80 gallons of water in the holding drum. Agitate well. Turn the industrial fan to the “ON” position. Stand Back! Your foam should be thick and stick to everything. Season as desired with lights and a premium blend of techno and house music. Serves 1000s of crazy party goers.
Our staffs some of the most outgoing entertainers and disc jockeys to interact with your crowd. Pump up the music add a few special lighting effects and the rest takes care of itself. Your guests will dance themselves silly. Need a few extras? A full production company, We specialize in just those extras. Add some of the most exciting intelligent lights, lasers and sound systems to really pump up the party.

We custom manufacture our own FOAM machines. Using only industrial products, we maintain strict control over its FOAM machines. With marine grade pumps and hoses, custom fans, rigging equipment and electrical distributors our machines are guaranteed to pump better product and a lot more of it. Our FOAM is tested and safe. It smells good, is hypoallergenic and washes away with water.

Don’t be fooled by weaker imitation machines. Our FOAM is the real thing.

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