Sound Dampening Blower Box Rental


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The Sound Dampening Blower Box significantly reduces the noise from your Open Air Screen air blower. Patent pending.

The Open Air Cinema Sound Dampening Blower Box significantly reduces noise from your inflatable air blower without affecting blower performance. The blower box is made of premium materials that will not only endure years of use but look attractive and professional, enhancing the quality of your outdoor theater event. 

We recommend that our customers use a blower box with their inflatable screen or outdoor movie system when screening an outdoor film in an extra quiet environment, when screening a particularly quiet film, when screening films indoors on your inflatable screen, when a reflective surface such as a wall or fence amplifies existing blower noise towards the audience, and when a touch of extra professionalism is desired.

-Constructed with high strength durable materials
-Attractive and professional in design
-Collapses into a flat, storable shape
-Tested in the field
-Made in the US


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